The Black Mirror Kiki Ball d. 17/11

“The Black Mirror” Kiki Ball by Serena Mercury & Cupid 007
Happy End? Forget about it! Generative Artificial Intelligence was yesterday. Tonight we'll prove that the near-future filled with superior technology isn’t so utopian. So download your different personalities and turn on your augmented reality chip, because on this runway your socioeconomic status hangs upon the score of the judges.
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The day after THE BLACK ETHER BALL by Maji Miyake-Mugler:
What is ballroom?
The underground ballroom scene has it roots as far back as to the 1920 in Harlem, New York, and was created by the Black and Latin Trans women and Drags, as a new safe space due to racism they faced within the white pageant scene. It evolved into many new categories and became not only a space for trans women of colour to enjoy the safeties of community but of all queer people of colour to create and express what was not allowed at the time to express in the public.
While the community is not as segregated as it used to be, we remind you that the space was created and are ruled by people of colour, and we remind you that the underground ballroom scene will not accept any types of racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, body shaming or any types of discrimination. Ballroom welcomes everyone and respects everyone, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, body, sex or status. Ballroom is a place of love, unity, creativity and mutual respect.
If you are not a person of colour and/or person of queer experience, we would like to reinstate that you are a guest within the ballroom community and should follow rules as everyone else. Please be mindful of the space you take as a guest, and you will be welcomed with open arms.
📱📱📱 Fashion 📱📱📱
Beginners Runway OTA 🏆 (one trophy)
Season 4, Episode 5 / "Metalhead"
After the collapse of human society, huge robotic dogs infect Bella with a tracker. Throughout the whole episode she is trying to escape the dogs, seeking to trick their not so playful programming and technology. Since this episode is filmed in black and white, you need to bring it in a fashionable black and white combo. But no need to hurry - you haven't been tracked. Yet.
Runway with a Twist OTA 🏆 (one trophy) + 1000 DKK
Interactive Film 2018 / "Bandersnatch"
Britain 1984, a young programmer is adapting the book Bandersnatch, owned by his late mother, into a revolutionary adventure game. This interactive film is highly non-linear, as the viewer is presented with different choices, and has 5 possible "main" endings. Choose any character from a video game, adapt them into a runway worthy look and remember to bring a mandatory reference picture.
Show the judges why voting for you should be the obvious choice they are making tonight. Cash prize of 1000 DKK
Fashion Killah OTA 🏆 (one trophy)
Season 3, Episode 4 / "San Junipero"
Usually Black Mirror highlights technology's negative effects, but "San Junipero" served as proof that uplifting episodes are possible. The introverted Yorkie meets party girl Kelly in 1987 at a club in San Junipero, a simulated reality the elderly can inhabit as their younger selves, even after death. Tonight, celebrate Yorkie's and Kelly's queer love and bring it in an 80's look that will be remembered even when all of us are uploaded in the after life.
Kiki Labels OTA 🏆 (one trophy)
Season 3, Episode 1 "Nosedive"
Society has become Yelp on speed, where anyone can review and rate your social interactions with them on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. Elevating your socioeconomic ratings will grant you access to luxurious housing, after parties and fancy dinners. You have been plateauing for too long on your 4.1 star rating and need the judges reviews to move up to a dreamy 4.6 stars. Dress up in a look that leaves no one in doubt that you belong to the fashionable top 1%.
Best Outfit of the Night OTA 🏆 (one trophy)
Season 4, Episode 6 / "Black Museum"
The Black Museum exhibits all kinds of experimental technologies. You want to feel another person's physical sensations or transfer your consciousness into a toy in order to live forever - this museum got the right artefacts. Whether you are spectating or walking, we want to highlight the most creative and fashionable looks because we know what you bring to the runway, needs to be shown at future exhibitions. Both spectators' looks and category effects are welcome.
Best House Dresscode 🏆 (one trophy)
Black Mirror tells suspenseful and satirical tales exploring techno-paranoia. Each episode is a contemporary reworking of stories that tap into our collective unease about the modern world and what consequences technology might have. But who really cares if artificial intelligence takes over, as long as you look fab. Your house needs to show us what their fashion meta-verse looks like. Be creative, because reality won't be that much fun in the future!
💾💾💾 Beauty & Sex 💾💾💾
Face OTA 🏆 (one trophy)
Season 2, Episode 1 / "Be Right Back"
Artificial Intelligence is re-creating people based on all their social media and data in the cloud, ultimately creating physical android versions of them. AI is preserving your perfect face for the future and has created your doppelgänger. Serve the perfect android face on the runway and give us a hint of what the future looks like. At least one tech prop is mandatory.
Body MF/FF 🏆 🏆 (two trophies)
Season 4, Episode 2 / "Arkangel"
The experience and thrill of existence sometimes comes with a huge cost. It’s time for you to take control of your narrative and your body. Show to the judges why your body will never be forgotten. Become your own protective system and serve body with a pair of wings.
Lucious, model, muscular - this category is OTA and all types of body are welcome.
Sex Siren MF / FF 🏆 🏆 (two trophies)
Season 1, Episode 2 / "Fifteen Million Merits"
Most of society must ride on exercise bikes in order to earn a currency called "merits", which can be used to enter the talent show HotShot that can lead to ultimate fame. You just got off the bike and have no time to waste to show the judges why you deserve your own late night channel. Bring it in bike gear!
⏯️⏯️⏯️ Realness ⏯️⏯️⏯️
FQ Realness vs. Drag Realness 🏆 (one trophy)
Season 4, Episode 2 / "Arkangel"
None other than Jodie Foster has been the first woman to direct an episode of Black Mirror. Foster had many points of views which influenced the script of "Arkangel", such as a more complex characterisation of Marie, the mother, and was given control of casting. In an industry full of men, you are about to change the script for the future. Tonight you are the director and the film crew awaits your instructions.
Transman Realness vs. Butch 🏆 (one trophy)
Season 3, Episode 3 / "Shut Up and Dance"
Do you have a sticker on your laptop camera? That’s good. In “Shut Up and Dance” a hacker is recording a teenage boy masturbating and blackmails him afterwards into committing bizarre and criminal acts. Plot twist – the hacker is the one exposing the criminals. Tonight, you are the keyboard warrior taking on corrupt systems and criminal individuals. Show the judges why you are the hacker, no firewall and AI can stop.
Tag Team Fag Out & Dyke Out 🏆 (one trophy)
Season 4, Episode 4 / "Hang the DJ"
The world is a simulated reality, in which the dating app "Coach" matches partners for a fixed period of time. From twelve hour hook ups to partners for life, the algorithm knows best. Tonight the app has made a mistake in pairing you two. The difference in energy is more than obvious, but the app is clear - you are a 99.8% match. Dress for your very first date!
🔋🔋🔋 Performance 🔋🔋🔋
Lip Sync OTA 🏆 (one trophy)
Season 5, Episode 3 / "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too"
Miley Cyrus plays the popstar Ashley O, whose personality is cloned into dolls and sold to her fan base. One particular Ashley Too doll plays a key role in saving the superstar from her vicious aunt.
Your effect should take inspiration from the promotion look Ashley O wore in the episode. For your 10’s choose ONE of the following monologues from Black Mirror episodes and prepare all songs for the battles.
Lacie's Speech Season 3, Episode 1 (0:24 - 1:46)
Bing's Speech Season 1, Episode 2 (1:10 - 2:18)
Colin's Speech Movie Bandersnatch (0:00 - 1:15)
For the battles:
“Midnight Sky” by Miley Cyrus
“Party In The U.S.A” by Miley Cyrus
"On a Roll" by Ashley O
"Right Where I Belong" by Ashley O
Hands Performance OTA 🏆 (one trophy)
Season 3, Episode 6 / "Hated in the Nation"
Autonomous drone insects created and deployed by the government to replace near-extinct bees are killing people who are mentioned under the hashtag #DeathTo on social media. Two detectives are struggling to protect the next victim. The runway is tonight's crime scene - bring it in a special agent look and don't forget your gloves! You don't want to leave any fingerprints.
Arms Control OTA 🏆 (one trophy)
Season 6, Episode 2 / “Beyond the sea"
The year is 1969 and humankind is still very optimistic about the future. You are the first astronaut to conquer space : gravity won't hold you back and the outer space is your oyster. Show the judges that your arms defy gravity and move flawlessly through space as you embark on a journey beyond the limits of our imagination. Spread your hope on the runway and bring it in a jumpsuit or overalls.
Beginners Performance OTA 🏆 (one trophy)
Season 1, Episode 1 / "The National Anthem"
The princess of the royal family is kidnapped, the prime minister is blackmailed and a pig plays a key role in bringing down the remainder of the monarchy and the political establishment. You know all the elements in order to dismantle the system - bring it in a pink look in honour of the influential pig of this episode.
Vogue Femme MF/FF 🏆 🏆 (two trophies)
Season 1, Episode 3 / "The Entire History of You"
A "grain" technology records all of our audiovisual senses, allowing to re-watch our memories. Are we watching you on the runway tonight or are we just replaying a memory? Bring it in a look you have worn for this category before. Picture mandatory.
Old Way OTA 🏆 (one trophy)
Season 5, Episode 1 / "Striking Vipers"
The episode features an all-black cast and follows two old friends reconnecting over a virtual reality fighting game. Getting closer in the game, both of them are exploring their sexual and gender fluidity. Just like their game characters, you need to bring it in a red and black look.
Production as House 🏆 (one trophy)
Black Mirror is known for its dark take on technology and happy endings are rarely a part of the scripts. Tonight your house needs to show us why you would survive any Black Mirror episode. Gather 3 - 5 house members and show the judges what makes your house withstand the future apocalypse.
You decide which categories to showcase and what represents your house in the best way. The production should be a maximum of 4 minutes long.
OTA: open to all (expressions of gender and performance)
FQ: fem queen / a woman of trans experience
Butch: a lesbian who exhibits a masculine identity
BQ: butch queen - a person identifying as male (trans or cis) who (occasionally) likes to be with other males
FF: female figure - trans woman, drags, cis woman / female figure / the performance and look of a woman
MF: male figure - transman, butch queen, butch, cis man
NB: non binary - people of trans or no trans, non-conforming experience
GP: grand prize