A new cultural space and meeting point in the industrial Nordhavn providing Events, Concerts, Festivals, Art Exhibitions, Ted Talks, Gastronomy and more. Our mantra is to create an urban district in constant development with a mindset towards the future.

NORDHAVN is many things - An old bastion where local fishermen and truckers meets new modern residents. ODDS AND ENDS is a space uniting people of Copenhagen, gathering around a mutual interest of cultural experiences.

ODDS AND ENDS is founded as a temporary cultural oasis located between chaos and cranes while building the new TUNNELFABRIKKEN - an iconic univers for culture and innovation, where urban develpoment is taken to a whole new level. We are proud to announce that ODDS AND ENDS will be the forerunner for new urban and cultural events.


A new cultural oasis and meeting point in the industrial Nordhavn!