ODDS and ENDS GRAND OPENING! 5th of May 2023 ❤︎

Get the future summer-vibe of Copenhagen and visit us for our opening weekend at May the 5th. 2023. Come by and break a bottle of wine!

  • From 4pm - 8 pm · The bar is open!
  • Free tastings from the public kitchen
  • Free beers from Nørrebro Bryghus 
  • Free wine from Husted Wine
  • Drinks from Bornholm Spirits
  • Cocktails from Norlund


Odds and ends, here and there, scattered remnants, without a care, bits that are lost, pieces gone astray, ever quite fitting, until they find their way. 

Like a jigsaw puzzle, with each piece in place. A collage of memories, a unique embrace, for each odd and each end, tells a different story, a symphony of chaos and cranes, in one holy glory.

So don't dismiss the odds and ends in sight, they may seem like clutter, but they shine so bright, for they are the crumbs of a life that's been lived, a collection of moments, only the heart can give.

❤︎ All the best from Dan Husted & Frederik Schlütter 


All the time! Odds and Ends is open for daily and nightly visits from May the 5th until sometime mid September. The rest of the year we are open for cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, b2b and more. 


Nordhavn is forever the last bastion of Copenhagen. Publicly and locally planned for use of culture and nature. This is why we are here. There was nowhere else to go.


Odds and Ends is: Dan Husted, Frederik Schlütter, Jack Rothe, Tommy Petersen, Martin Thomsen, Siv Lindgaard Andersen, Steffan Pedersen, Morten Thorenfeldt, Kathrine (Fru Amager) & Ida, Laura Lynggaard Normann, Sofus Walbom Kring, Julie Scheuermann, Jørgen Jørgensen, Marshoud Dabaneh, Tunnelfabrikken and more.

That would be it!